Wednesday, October 27, 2010

America and its expanding waist line!

The day before yesterday I was at Clear Lake Regional Hospital. As I sat down in the waiting room, I happened to sit in an enormously large chair. I was like woah, this is a big chair! The chair was probably 3 feet wide. I looked around the small waiting room and noticed that every fourth chair was a very large one. Hmm I thought, are hospitals doing this because of the growing waistline in America? I remember reading an article stating that many movie theaters are making their chairs larger because of obesity in this country. Airlines now even make obese people purchase two seats if they cannot fit in one.

I am not trying to offend anyone because obesity can be a disease, but this is really sad!! Honestly with the eating habits of our country, portion sizes, and commercial food production, it is no wonder that almost 40% of Americans are obese. I am reminding myself first, let's not fall into the pressures of our culture's food. Be mindful of what you eat because yes, it could go straight to your thighs.

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