Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Little Goes a Long Way...

This morning as I was walking into work, I saw the usual volunteer on the golf cart cruising through the parking lot finding people to shuttle to the hospital. Knowing that I usually walk to the distance, he just paused for a second making sure I didn't have a change of plans. The distance from my car to the hospital entrance was probably no more than 200 yards. So not really something I would "need a ride to." However, as soon as I refused the shuttle a lady pulls up in her car and asks the volunteer to meet her at her parking spot so he can drive her to the entrance. I thought to myself, "You know honey you could lose a few or a lot."  The golf cart is there for patients that actually need assistance to the hospital. This lady seemed fairly healthy despite her weight. Who am I to judge though.

Even if I might only burn 2 Calories walking from my car to the entrance, it makes me feel good knowing that I actually walked (something we need to do more of in South Texas). My colleague and I always take the flight of stairs when we go up to see patients. That's about 4 flights of stairs at least 4 times a day (only counting going up). One day we were curious so we counted all the stairs to find out how many Calories we burn on a daily basis. We counted 60 stairs which is about 40-70 Calories a day (depending on which website we used). Even though this doesn't sound like much, a little does go a long way. 40-70 Calories times 5 days a week= 200-350 Calories burned a week just from taking the stairs. So that extra donut you just had just got taken care

Many people always claim they don't have time to exercise or hit the gym. Well if you can't commit to regular exercise, it is important to fit little bits of physical activity throughout your day. Here are some ideas:
- Take the stairs whenever possible
- Park your car furthest from the entrance and walk
- If you have a desk job take a 5-10 minute break every hour to stand up, stretch, squat, or walk around
  the office (it will be good for your circulation too)
- While you are at the mall or out running errands just spend 10 extra minutes walking around window
  shopping or browsing up and down the aisles.
- If you carry a bag, use it like a dumbbell to tone your arms
- While waiting for your car wash, oil change, etc. walk around the parking lot a few times
- When you drop off your kid's at practice walk around the fields as you watch them

There are so many ways to squeeze in physical activity into your day. Just remember, a little goes a long way! =)

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